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About Us

Why Choose Us?

We dedicate hard work to keep all lines of communications open throughout the process to achieve the goal of placing the prefect candidate with your organization.

Our Staff

 We have more than 50 years of Restaurant management experience,  over 30 plus years of restaurant management recruiting knowledge .

Above and Beyond

Our services include tailoring the perfect search for your  specific hiring needs.

Options include : Sourcing candidates - flat fee, to full cycle recruitment per job opening.


Service #1

Speak with one of our experienced recruiters about an option of full time sourcing and or recruiting options for a continuous flow of resumes and optional candidates for a low monthly fee.

Contact:  recruiting@hrc-r.com 

Or 803-439-9532

Service #2

Full Cycle Recruitment. Contingency fee based, you give us the job description...

We find you viable candidates.

you only pay the negotiated fee, if we fill the position.

30-60-90 day gtd. on all placements.

Contact: recruiting@hrc-r.com or 803-439=9532

Service 33

We are all too aware every company and every job order can be different, speak with one of our experienced recruiters about a possible solution for your specific needs. 

Contact: recruiting@hrc-r.com OR 803-439-9532